AMI Sourcebook 33

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A complete guide to the world's leading biomedical, life science and natural science artists

Our Searchable Portfolio Platform and Printed Sourcebook introduce art buyers, healthcare marketers and thought leaders to the most talented artists working today. They have the scientific training and knowledge to understand your challenge, your choice of media and your audience. What is not seen here is the collaborative process that takes place between you and the scientific image creator. These brilliant individuals offer a depth of knowledge and commitment to scholarship that reflects a lifetime of learning. Their unique ability to communicate with research scientist, physician, attorney and layman allows an assignment to have dimension, life and humanity. Their ability to draw, paint, photograph and to harness visual computing technology translates thousands of words into powerful, engaging images.

If you need to hire a biomedical image-maker, look no further than these professional resources!!

Source Book Editor:
Rachel Bajema

Source Book Editorial Board:
William M. Andrews
James Archer
Kimberly Battista
Allison E. Burke
Marie Dauenheimer
Jennifer Fairman
Peg Gerrity
Keith Kasnot
Maya Shoemaker
William Westwood

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