Medical illustration is based on the clear communication of scientific information, which requires our profession to be grounded in ethical standards. The AMI Code of Ethics defines principles and sets guidelines of conduct for members engaged in the practice of medical illustration.

Code of Ethics

Whereas medical illustration is a profession dedicated to the advancement of medical education through cooperation with medical & allied professions; and whereas the aim of the medical illustrator is to depict and clarify scientific information and make it understandable through visual media using the fidelity of the scientist and the skills of the artist; therefore, members of the Association of Medical Illustrators resolve to abide by the principles here set forth.


Plagiarism and piracy of any nature will not be tolerated. The medical illustrator has an inherent obligation to acknowledge credit to whomever credit is due.

A medical illustrator shall not advertise nor solicit clients or employment in a manner that is false or misleading.

A medical illustrator shall not make slanderous, disparaging or discrediting statements concerning the abilities or reputation of fellow medical illustrators.

Transcripts of grades, a curriculum vitae, a listing of past employers and clients and references should be freely given when requested. There shall be no falsification of records.

A portfolio shall contain only original artwork or reproductions thereof prepared by the illustrator whose work the portfolio represents.

Alterations to another illustrator's work should not be made without that illustrator's permission.

Acceptance of membership in any category in the Association of Medical Illustrators confers upon the member an obligation:

    To conduct oneself in professional relations in a manner that will be a credit to the Association;

    To respect the rights and abilities of medical illustrators whether or not they are members of the Association; and

    To use every honorable means to uphold the dignity and honor of the profession and to exalt its standards and extend its sphere of influence.

Interpretation of the Code of Ethics shall be a function of the Secretary of the Association.

Violation of ethical principles as stated in this Code or any acts of dishonesty or corruption are to be reported to the AMI Secretary, Stephen Mader.

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The issue will be investigated thoroughly and recommendations will be taken to the Board of Governors which shall make a determination as to the appropriate discipline, if any, as detailed in the Bylaws, Article IV, Section 5, Discipline.

This Code's stipulations apply to all Professional and Special Members. (Revised 1991)