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The Association of Medical Illustrators welcomes new members! The benefits are many, and we'd love to have you attend an annual meeting. Benefits include participation in the 850+  online Members HUB including 24/7 access to job listings, our full resource library of sample contracts, surveys, archived newsletters, and other valuable downloadable tools, access to online learning webinars ... plus much more.

We invite you to join our collaborative global community.

The AMI is a diverse group of professionals who use visual problem-solving skills to advance knowledge about medicine and the life sciences. Our members generously share experience, inspiration, and tools for individual success across disciplines. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and abide by a code of ethics. There are 5 categories of membership to best fit your career path.

Professional Member

Professional members are actively involved in the development and production of visual communications for medicine and the life sciences. As technology and scientific knowledge have evolved, so has the need for interdisciplinary skills; the AMI defines "medical illustration" broadly to include professionals with wide-ranging skill sets. These skills may include not only direct production of visuals (illustrations, animations, models, interactive media) but also consultation, content creation, education, direction, and administration.

Professional Membership Instructions

Medical Illustrator | Scientific Animator | 3D Modeler | Infographic Designer | Creative Director | Art Director | Interactive Developer | Biomedical Photographer

This list is not exhaustive but rather shows the breadth of our membership.
If you think you fit into this category, you probably do!

Associate Member

Associate members work in professions related to visual communication for medicine and the life sciences and collaborate with those described in the Professional Member category. These allied professionals are interested in the advancement of scientific visualization.

Physicians | Surgeons | Research scientists | Attorneys | Anatomists | Biologists | Medical writers and editors | Publishers | Botanists | Pharmaceutical | Biotech | Medical device manufacturers

This list is not exhaustive but rather shows alignment with professionals that value visual media.

Trial Member

Trial membership is a special membership for those who want to learn more about the AMI and have not been a member during the previous three years. Trial members may not vote, hold office, or exhibit in the annual salon, but are eligible for many other member benefits, including use of the member-only portion of the website. The Trial Membership term ends on December 31 of the year it is initiated; those who sign up between October 1 - December 31 will receive benefits through the following calendar year. Trial Membership is non-renewable and cannot be prorated.

Student Member

We welcome students! Student membership is open to any student enrolled in an art or science baccalaureate or graduate program. Student members may also continue at the student rate one annual meeting following their graduation. Must be a current student to qualify. Letter to Graduates [PDF]

Emeritus Member

Emeritus status is a special recognition of long-time members as an appreciation for their continued support and contribution to the profession. Members who have been in good standing for 30 years and have reached the age of 65 are eligible for Emeritus status.

If you have questions or would like to speak to someone regarding which member type is the best fit, please contact headquarters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-866-393-4264.

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Membership Year / Dues

The membership year parallels the calendar year. New members who join during the calendar year have their dues prorated according to the quarter in which they joined. Prorated dues do not apply to trial members or members who have let their membership lapse in the past or current calendar year. Dues notices are e-mailed in December for the next calendar year.

The 2023 fees for dues (payable in U.S. funds):

$335 (may request half dues waiver)
Payment for renewing members is due by January 31, 2023. Dues are considered delinquent when they have not been paid by the end of the dues-payment period. Member dues not paid during this period will receive a notice from AMI Headquarters and a late payment fee of $20 will be assessed, excluding student members. Non-renewed members will be dropped from the membership roster and database and will not have access to the member services area of the website. Dues rates are set by the membership at the annual business meeting.



Membership has its benefits! Join today to further your professional development and connect with a welcoming community of peers.


Professional $335
Associate $335
Student $125
Trial $100
Listing in Find A Medical Illustrator on
Profile in the AMI Members HUB
Access to communities in the HUB
AMI News Articles (monthly on the HUB)
Job Notices on the HUB
Weekly eNews Blast
Public Relations Advice from AMI
Access to Members-Only content
Mentoring Program         
Access to Person-to-Person Job Service
Invitations to Regional/Member-Only Events
AMI Online Learning Webinars
Updates on Legislative & Copyright Issues
Discounted Fees for AMI Annual Meeting
Enter Artwork in Annual Meeting Exhibition  
Discounted CMI Renewal Fees  
Serve on AMI Committees  
Professional Association Identity  
Be Considered for Fellow of the AMI (FAMI)  
Access to AMI Medical Illustration Business Practices Book    
Access to AMI Salary & Pricing Survey Data    
Access to Sample Contracts & Business Forms    
Service Award Recognition    
Vote and be Elected to Office      

For information about membership contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 866-393-4AMI.

The AMI encourages you to give our association a try! The application process is quick and easy. Join Us!.

Personal outreach for members of the AMI

The AMI feels strongly that our association must meet the needs of our members - through direct, personal outreach. To accomplish this goal, the Mentor Program was developed. Volunteers in this program have had leadership experience in the AMI, and provide a personal touch in answering questions about the AMI. Mentors participating in this program bring a range of experiences that they wish to share - as practicing professionals and in their leadership roles within the AMI.

The one thing that all AMI mentors have in common is their commitment to assisting our newest members in learning about the AMI, and how to access all its resources. Whether it's how to utilize the AMI Member HUB, who to contact regarding copyright law, business practices issues, public relations or many other areas of interest, mentors provide answers to questions about how the AMI functions. Mentees can find opportunities to contribute to the growth of the AMI, and learn how our organization is governed - ultimately enriching their professional experiences as well as their colleagues'.

Our AMI Mentor Program is open to all members of the AMI who are interested in connecting with a mentor and participating in the mentor program. The program provides a unique benefit to AMI members who are new to the association, new to the field of medical illustration, or simply would like to connect with a fellow AMI member who can serve as their mentor. 

The Mentor Program was developed because of concerns that we all had at some point as members of the AMI - how to get our many questions answered, and how to feel more connected with our colleagues. By participating in the Mentor program, you'll soon learn that the AMI is composed of caring, energetic and generous individuals.

For more details on the program please reach out to Jennifer Fairman, Mentor Program Chair, or email AMI Headquarters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jennifer Fairman | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
AMI Mentor Program Chair

2017 Mentor Mixer & Collector Card Exchange


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AMI inspires a diverse community of innovators in biomedical visualization to apply their creativity, scientific expertise, and communication skills to make a difference in the world, to advance scientific discovery, and to improve health literacy. There are 5 categories of membership to best fit your career path: Professional, Associate, Student, Trial and Emeritus.