Message of Support

To our community,

  We have witnessed with heavy hearts the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others. The continued racially-targeted deaths and injustices against Black people during this time of pandemic further emphasize the systemic inequalities in our society. The AMI stands in solidarity against racism, discrimination, and violence in any form - these are unacceptable.

  The AMI's Diversity and Inclusion statement reads in part:

We recognize our common humanity and that an understanding of each other and the variety of perspectives we bring to the AMI enriches us all.


  Among the AMI's guiding principles of promoting the highest levels competency, professionalism, and ethics, we cultivate collaboration. We must uphold these ideals to support each and every member of the AMI-and our future members as well. To genuinely do so, these principles must be applied inside and outside of the studio. Acknowledging the disparities Black people face daily and the considerable energy they must devote to navigate a society built to subjugate and repress them, even within their own homes, is simply not enough.

  While the AMI unequivocally recognizes the pain, concern, and grief accompanying current and past events, we must use our voice and talents to ensure there is equity and access for all. Reach out and connect with one another. As we do so, be mindful that these events impact and affect some of our colleagues more than others. This is an unprecedented season of social isolation that leaves many without the support networks they rely upon.

If there has ever been a time for our community to demand more - demand better - from society it is now.




The AMI Board of Governors