Medical Illustrators Present Novel Visualization at #ExpBio #Anatomy17
by Tiffany Raber

Several medical illustrators presented their work and research at Experimental Biology 2017. This annual meeting, comprised of six societies and more than 14,000 scientists, took place in Chicago, IL, April 22nd-26th at the McCormick Place Convention Center. Experimental Biology’s primary focus areas include anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, nutrition, pharmacology, and physiology. The following is a list of AMI members that presented their innovative work:

Podium Presentations (Form and Function Platform Session)

Christopher Smith, MS, CMI, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Visualizing the Anatomy and Position of the Larynx in Balaenopterid Whales

Chris Smith explaining the Larynx anatomy of Balaenopterid Whales. Image courtesy Christopher Smith

Chris Smith explaining the Larynx anatomy of Balaenopterid Whales. Image courtesy Christopher Smith.

Description: “How have whales adjusted over evolutionary time to vocalize underwater? For baleen whales, this question is extremely difficult to answer due the size and rarity of specimens. This presentation focuses on the process of creating a virtual 3D model of laryngeal anatomy to better understand the anatomy and function of the larynx during baleen whale vocalizations. By understanding laryngeal cartilage movements, we can start to get a better idea of how these animals have adapted to their underwater environment.” –Christopher Smith


Poster Presentations 

BVISPosterPresenters AAA

Biomedical Visualization Graduate students presenting their research at the #ExpBio. Image courtesy UIC Biomedical Visualization

Esther Ng: Development of an effective iBook to educate veterinary students about the ovariohysterectomy procedure on small animals.

Adriana Orland: Animating external magnetic guidance of intrathecally delivered gold-coated nanoparticles to treat intramedullary spinal tumors.

Tiffany Raber: An Interactive Program Incorporating 3D Models and 2D Illustrations for Enhanced Prostate MRI Training.

Christina Sidorowych: Visualizing Human Embryonic Development of the Heart’s Outflow Tract.

Ashley Ulm: Visualizing the attachments and internal architecture of the masseter muscle in Cavia porcellus using contrast enhanced micro-CT.

Read summaries of the posters at the UIC BVIS Student blog 

aUlm eShaw AAA

Medical illustrators met up in the Exhibitor Hall. Ashley Ulm, Emily Shaw, Virginia Ferrante-Iqbal, and David Bolinsky. Image courtesy Ashley Ulm.