Medicine Illuminated - Exhibit of the Vesalius Trust Collection

Medicine Illuminated: Marcia Hartsock, Tina Schott, Anna HeranMedicine Illuminated is a celebration of the works of medical illustrators from the Vesalius Trust Collection of Art in the Service of Science. Displayed at the Lloyd Library and Museum in Cincinnati Ohio, the exhibit was curated by AMI member Marcia Hartsock, CMI and Anna Heran, Exhibits Curator at the Lloyd.

The exhibit demonstrates the necessity of medical illustration to depict what, at the time of their creation, were innovative techniques, firsts in medical knowledge, or even highlighted areas where medicine moved forward and further refined itself as practice. Illustration teaches and illuminates certain ideas and innovations in ways that words cannot adequately describe.

Medicine Illuminated MartinFinchFeatured medical illustrators (gallery guide)

Robert Demarest
Melford Diedrick
Martin Finch
Jody Fulks-Sjogren
Richard Hall
Marcia Hartsock
Caspar Henselmann
Jean Hirsch
Mary Maciel
Elizabeth (Roselius) Martin
Teri McDermott
Carol Pienta
Kevin Somerville
Catherine Twomey
Marcia Williams

Martin Finch (artwork at right of Pancreas Donation, Exposure of Splenic Artery and Vein) was the first medical illustrator to donate his life’s work to the archive, and contributed over 200 pieces of original illustration.

Exhibit Dates: May 11, 2015 – July 31, 2015

Lloyd Library and Museum
917 Plum Street, Cincinnati OH 45202
(513) 721-3707
Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm, Monday – Friday

Download the exhibit poster (JPG).

Exhibit made possible through the generous support of the George Lynch Fund of the Vesalius Trust.

About the Collection: Preserving an Illustration Legacy

It is widely recognized that the increase in use of digital techniques has corresponded with a decrease in use of traditional media (carbon dust, scratchboard, airbrush). Fortunately, there is a large body of beautiful, hand created medical and scientific art that exists today. However, as the professional illustrators who created this work retire, it is likely that their hand created legacy will be become lost, scattered, or worse yet ... disposed of completely.

Medicine Illuminated MarciaHartsock LloydTourThe goal is to collect traditionally created work and related documents in one location while it still exists in good condition, and the origin is known. In 2010, the Lloyd Library and Museum in Cincinnati, OH was selected as the partner institution to house and archive the collection. The Vesalius Trust and Lloyd Library have committed their best efforts in support of this archived collection of medical illustrations and related materials, and will promote research and education related to medical illustration, the history of the techniques and practices, as well as related history of biomedical sciences in the twentieth century in North America.

Why donate?

Maybe a better question is, what will happen to your life's work? This archive will protect and preserve an irreplaceable visual heritage of hand created medical and scientific art. Typically illustrators have considered donating their work when they retire from active practice, or are closing down their studio.

How to donate?

More information, estate planning, copyright issues, preparation of artwork, and other details at