Conference Challenges Left-Brain, Right-Brain Dichotomy

International gathering of medical illustrators explores how scientific visuals foster breakthroughs in research, understanding

Toronto, Canada, July 2012 –

Art and science are often diametrically opposed. The stereotype of left-brain/right-brain predominance prevails – we assume a molecular biologist would no sooner pick up a paintbrush than a graphic designer would contemplate the inner workings of the human body. But, this doesn’t hold true in the world of medical illustration. And this summer, over 400 medical and scientific artists, game developers, animators and innovators will gather in Toronto, Canada, July 25-28 to prove it.

North America's premier conference on scientific and medical visualization, ILLUMINATE, will bring together a diverse range of professionals who harness the power of visual media to advance the life sciences. Presented by international non-profit organization, the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), registration for the four-day event is open to anyone with a passion for the melding of science and art.

The profession of medical illustration has seen its scope explode in recent years. Says AMI President Jane Hurd, “we continue to evolve from our roots in hand-rendered drawing to 3D animation, interactive media, and virtual reality.”

The range of diverse collaborations taking place today is reflected in ILLUMINATE’s speaker line-up.” says conference Chair, Stephen Mader. Headlining is world-renowned biologist Dr EO Wilson who, with Harvard’s Dr Gaël McGill will discuss their innovative digital textbook EO Wilson's Life on Earth which is poised to revolutionize how we learn about science. Other luminous speakers include: DARPA’s Dr. Richard Satava who will introduce delegates to HOLOMERs –interactive 3D representations of patient histories; and museum specialist paleo-artist Hall Train, who will focus on the integration of illustrators into scientific investigation. Unique to this conference is a huge media exhibit (as well as satellite exhibits in nearby research institutes) featuring medical illustration, animations, and interactive media.

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About the AMI
Founded in 1945, the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) strives to be a key partner in the process of scientific discovery, knowledge transfer, and innovation, and to be recognized as the premier global resource for promoting the power of visual media to advance science education, communication, research, and understanding.

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