Images in this gallery represent some of the award-winning pieces exhibited in the most recent annual AMI Salon. We hope it gives you a sense of what an extraordinary exhibit our annual Salon is! The full list of the salon award winners is below.

All AMI members may exhibit work as Professional members or as Student members. The entries are divided into categories such as instructional, editorial, and advertising, etc. A full listing and descriptions of the categories is available here.  Please enjoy these online galleries

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Member's Choice Award
 N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020
Didactic/Instructional: Non-Commercial
 Nicholas Reback  Anatomic Features Contributing to Obstructive Sleep Apnea  Award of Merit
 Andy Rekito  Immunopathogenesis of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)  Award of Excellence
 Tianxing Shi  P-Lipo, a novel platelet-mimetic strategy in treating atherosclerosis  Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional: Commercial
 Cassio Lynm  A Novel Approach to Ablation Therapy  Award of Merit
 Alissa Eckert  2020 Global Public Health Enemy #1: SARS-CoV-2  Award of Merit
 Wayne Heim  Controlling the speed and trajectory of evolution with counterdiabatic driving  Award of Merit
 Chris Bickel  Coronavirus Interrupted  Award of Merit
Advertising and Marketing/Promotional
 Audra Geras  A Comparison of: Standard Mesh HVAC Filtration versus Heated Nickel Mesh HVAC Filtration  Award of Merit
 MediVisuals, Inc.  Burn Injuries and Treatments  Award of Excellence
 Artery Studios, Inc.  Concepts of twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) – Nathan and Marcus Smith  Award of Merit
 Jennifer C. Darcy  Janie Doe: 7/25/15 Right Leg Injuries Following Gunshot Wound  Award of Excellence
 Jennifer C. Darcy  John Doe’s Traumatic Facial Injuries  Award of Merit
 MediVisuals, Inc.  Mechanism of Scalping Injury  Award of Merit
Illustrated Text (Traditionally Printed Book)
 N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020
Animation: Didactic/Instructional – Non-Commercial 
 INVIVO Communications Inc  COVID-19 and the Science of Soap  Award of Excellence
 Nucleus Medical Media  Decoding Cancer Immunology: Hunting Hidden Tumours  Award of Merit
 Tziporah Thompson  Educational Anatomy GIFs for Social Media  Award of Merit
 Nucleus Medical Media  How COVID-19 Affects the Body  Award of Merit
 AXS Studio  Vaccines vs Antivirals: What's the difference?  Award of Merit
Animation: Didactic/Instructional – Commercial
 INVIVO Communications Inc  HSDD & Treatment with Bremelanotide  Award of Merit
 INVIVO Communications Inc  Pathophysiology of ATTR-CM  Award of Merit
 AXS Studio  The Role of Contractility in Cardiac Function  Award of Excellence
Animation: Advertising and Marketing/Promotional
 N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020
Animation: Medical-Legal
 N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020
Interactive Media: Didactic/Instructional – Non-Commercial 
 Sam Bond  Cardiac Rehab Explorer  Award of Merit
Interactive Media: Didactic/Instructional – Commercial
 N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020
Simulators, Prosthetics and Sculptural Products
 N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020  N/A in 2020



Student Best of Show
 Hang Lin  Cyborg Botany  Best of Show
 Alexander Young  Twin-Twin Training Simulator: an interactive 3D surgical tool for teaching fetoscopic laster ablation to treat TTTS  Best of Show
Didactic/Instructional – Anatomical/Pathological  
 Hang Lin  Acquired Ocular Toxoplasmosis  Award of Excellence
 Victoria Zakrewski  Dissection of Pharyngeal Arch 1 Derivatives  Award of Merit
 Emily Cheng  The Accessory Nerve CNXI Pathway  Award of Merit
 Sora Ji  The relationship of the corpus callosum to structures of the hippocampus.  Award of Excellence
Didactic/Instructional – Surgical/Clinical Procedures
 Katharine Thompson  ACL Reconstruction: Arthroscopic Graft Placement  Award of Merit
 Siwen Wang  Foley Catheterization  Award of Merit
 Jenny Wang  Robotic Donor Nephrectomy - Steps 8 and 9  Award of Excellence
 Morgan Summerlin  Robotic-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy: Control of the Prostatic Pedicle  Award of Excellence
 Madison Christian  Swine Ovariohysterectomy  Award of Merit
 Megan Ward  Total Thyroidectomy  Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional – Molecular/Biological/Life Sciences  
 Colleen Paris  A Guide to Potentially Habitable Exoplanets  Award of Excellence
 Evelyn Lockhart  An Illusion of Fire and Ice  Award of Merit
 Brittany Cheung  Emperor Penguins: Breeding Season and Adaptations  Award of Excellence
 Emily Cheng  Life Cycle of the Flower Hat Jelly  Award of Excellence
 Ava Schroedl  Mapping the Binding Sites of the Opioid Antidote  Award of Merit
 Margot Riggi  Pyocins: natural bacteria killers  Award of Merit
 Zhen Bai  The Perfect Match of Demise  Award of Merit
 Emily Taylor  Clinical Trials of Cancer Drugs Fail Due to Missed Target Protein  Award of Merit
 Hang Lin  Cyborg Botany  Award of Excellence
 Eric Chung  Predicting Peking Man: An Anthropological Approximation  Award of Merit
 Christine (Si Ting) Shan  Space Biomining  Award of Merit
Still Media – Advertising and Marketing/Promotional  
 Kristin Piciacchia  Meet CPAP: A Guide to Getting Your Best Rest  Award of Merit
 Ushma Patel  Bacteriophage Therapy and Antibiotic Resistance  Award of Merit
 Avesta Rastan  Illuminating Medulloblastoma  Award of Merit
 Tracy Xiang  Preoperative Anemia Patient Education: A Character Driven Story  Award of Merit
 Morgan Summerlin  Visualizing HOPE: Encouraging HIV-Positive Organ Transplantation  Award of Merit
 Alexander Young  Twin-Twin Training Simulator: an interactive 3D surgical tool for teaching fetoscopic laster ablation to treat TTTS  Award of Excellence