Images in this gallery represent some of the award-winning pieces exhibited in the most recent annual AMI Salon. We hope it gives you a sense of what an extraordinary exhibit our annual Salon is! The full list of the salon award winners is below.

All AMI members may exhibit work as Professional members or as Student members. The entries are divided into categories such as instructional, editorial, and advertising, etc. A full listing and descriptions of the categories is available here.  Please enjoy these online galleries.

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Member's Choice Award
David Cheney Arm Orthosis Ralph Sweet Award
Amanda Behr and Michael Jensen Infertility Treatments New Media
Didactic/Instructional: Non-Commercial
David Cheney Rat Facial Nerve Surgery Award of Merit
Scott Weldon Minimally-invasive Modified Nicks Procedure for the Repair of a Small Aortic Root Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional: Commercial  
Amy D'Camp Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cells Award of Merit
Peter Lawrence Surgery of the Brainstem Award of Excellence
Edmond Alexander Membrane Destruction Award of Merit
Valerie Altounian Synthetic Chromosomes Award of Merit
Advertising and Marketing/Promotional  
Nick Klein and Andrew Swift Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) Lung Disease Award of Excellence
David Cheney Arm Orthosis Award of Merit
Nathaniel Klein Detecting Protein Interactions with High Affinity Bioluminescent Reporter Assays Award of Merit
Cynthia Turner Platelet-stimulating Agents Award of Merit
Cognition Studio, Inc. Scarring Down and Obliteration of the Distal Urethra Award of Excellence
Philip Mattes Right Ankle Injuries, Lateral View Award of Excellence
MediVisuals, Inc. Mechanism of Dog Bite Injury to Ear Award of Merit
Illustrated Text (Book) 
Kristen Larson Keil, Mark Schornak, Jennifer Darcy, and Peter Lawrence Color Atlas of Brainstem Surgery Award of Excellence
Jennifer Darcy and Brenda L. Bunch Secondary Rhinoplasty by the Global Masters Award of Merit
Animation:Didactic/Instructional – Non-Commercial  
INVIVO Communications "How Diabetes Changes Over Time" Award of Excellence
Nucleus Medical Media CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing fo Cystic Fibrosis Award of Merit
Animation: Didactic/Instructional – Commercial
INVIVO Communications Investigating ribociclib as a potential breast cancer treatment Award of Excellence
iSO-FORM Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) Lung Disease Award of Merit
Animation: Advertising and Marketing/Promotional
Amanda Behr and Michael Jensen Infertility Treatments Award of Excellence
Cognition Studio, Inc. MRD and the colonSEQ Assay Award of Merit
Ghost Productions Micromedicine Microfluidics Technology Award of Merit
Interactive Media: Didactic/Instructional – Non-Commercial  
Fabian De Kok-Mercado Virus Explorer Award of Excellence/td>
Albert Fung TVA Surg VR Surgical Anatomy Award of Excellence
Andy Matlock Lung Cancer Preoperative Planning Award of Merit
Daniel Muller, Scott Williams, and Scott Leighton Neoplastic Epidural Spinal Cord Compression Award of Merit
Interactive Media: Didactic/Instructional – Commercial
Argosy Publishing/Visible Bodyd Human Anatomy Atlas 2017 Edition Award of Merit
Simulators, Prosthetics and Sculptural Products 
Jackie Meyer Understanding Myelofibrosis Award of Excellence
Laura Roy Pediatric Cardiac 3D-Printed Teaching Models Award of Merit




Student Best of Show
Shawna Snyder Vasculature of the Uterus Orville Parkes Best of Show
Sam Holmes Encoding Nature's Chemicals New Media Best of Show
Didactic/Instructional – Anatomical/Pathological  
Lauren Rakes M1 and M2 Segments of the Middle Cerebral Artery Award of Excellence
Shawna Snyder Vasculature of the Uterus Award of Excellence
Eleanor Bailey Infantile Hemangioma Award of Merit
Mark Belan Periodontitis Award of Merit
Judy Rubin Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional – Surgical/Clinical Procedures  
Julia Lerner Penetrating Keratoplasty Award of Excellence
Jerry Gu Resection of the parasagittal meningioma with preservation of venous lake Award of Merit
Nicholas Reback Surgical Removal of a Carotid Body Tumor Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional – Molecular/Biological/Life Sciences  
Lisa Qiu Photoswitchable proteins Award of Excellence
Amanda Miller Treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers with Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides Award of Merit
Amanda Miller Western Spruce Budworm (Choristoneura occidentalis Freeman) Award of Merit
Hillary Wilson Bower Construction of the Fawn-Breasted Bowerbird Award of Merit
Lisa Knipscher Heart Work Award of Merit
Advertising and Marketing/Promotional  
Christina Pecora The Line Up: Signs and Symptoms of What's Buggin' Your Belly Award of Merit
Sam Holmes Encoding Nature's Chemicals Award of Excellence
Tianxing Shi Comprehensive antibody profiling using Phage ImmunoPrecipitation Sequencing (PhIP-Seq) Award of Excellence
Wendy Gu Imaging Neuropathic Pain Award of Merit
Adam Zunder Rethinking Cancer Award of Merit
Geoff Fraser Muskel: An Interactive Application for Learning Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy Award of Excellence
Tiffany Raber Color Blindness Simulation: A Virtual Reality Experience Award of Excellence
Kelly Speck Trans Primary Care Guide Award of Merit