Images in this gallery represent some of the award-winning pieces exhibited in the most recent annual AMI Salon. We hope it gives you a sense of what an extraordinary exhibit our annual Salon is! The full list of the salon award winners is below.

All AMI members may exhibit work as Professional members or as Student members. The entries are divided into categories such as instructional, editorial, and advertising, etc. A full listing and descriptions of the categories is available here .

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Member's Choice Award
Jennifer Fairman Z-Ring Stabilization and Constriction Rate Modulation of the ZapA-ZapB-MatP Protein Network Ralph Sweet Award
Edmond Alexander Bispecific Monoclonal Antibody Ralph Sweet Award
Joe Samson AR Heart New Media
Didactic/Instructional: Non-Commercial  
Elizabeth Nixon-Shapiro The Renin-Angiotensin System Award of Excellence
Lydia Gregg Causes of ischemia and stroke in the lower thoracic and lumbar spinal cord Award of Merit
Steve Moon Comparative Gross Anatomic Pathology of Common Organ Tumors Award of Merit
Ian Suk Sacral Osteotomy to Correct Pelvic Incidence Angle Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional: Commercial  
Andrew Swift Lymphoma Award of Excellence
Mica Duran MatriStem Anterior Repair — Surgical Technique Guide Award of Merit
Cassio Lynm Burn Award of Merit
AXS Studio Inc. Nature Cover: Postive ID Award of Excellence
Todd Buck Update on Routine Childhood and Adolescent Immunizations Award of Merit
Advertising and Marketing/Promotional  
Nathaniel Klein Antibody Conjugated Superparamagnetic Magnitite Nanoparticles in the High-Resolution Identification of Small Tumors Award of Excellence
Edmond Alexander Bispecific Monoclonal Antibody Award of Merit
Fran Milner Shingles Award of Merit
Cynthia Turner Bone Marrow Award of Merit
Michael Havranek John Doe's Brain Injuries Award of Excellence
Jennifer Darcy John Doe's Facial Trauma and Resulting Surgery Award of Merit
Artery Studios Inc. Left Upper Limb Wound Closure – Johan Schmidt Award of Merit
Hardy Fowler Development of Forehead Flap to Cover Nasal Tip Defect Award of Merit
Illustrated Text (Book) 
Levent Efe Chest Surgery Award of Excellence
Tim Phelps Dance Science: Anatomy, Movement Analysis, Conditioning Award of Merit
vimeo:Didactic/Instructional – Non-Commercial  
Fabian de Kok-Mercado Coral Bleaching: A Breakdown of Symbiosis Award of Excellence
Elizabeth McDonald,
Mary Beth Clough, and Hoc Kho
Active Transport Award of Merit
The Toronto Video Atlas of Liver, Pancreas and Transplant Surgery Whipple:SMA and SMV Resection and Reconstruction Award of Merit
vimeo: Didactic/Instructional – Commercial
Radius Digital Science ABILIFY MAINTENA® Dual Chamber Syringe – Instructions for Use vimeo Award of Excellence
Radius Digital Science Arginine Vasopressin and Hyponatremia Award of Merit
Radius Digital Science Soft Tissue Sarcoma: A Diagnostic & Treatment Overview vimeo Award of Merit
Radius Digital Science Constella (linaclotide) for the Treatment of IBS-C and CIC in adults Award of Merit
vimeo: Advertising and Marketing/Promotional
Radius Digital Science ELOCTATE™ Fc Fusion vimeo Award of Excellence
Radius Digital Science RenLane™ Renal Denervation System vimeo Award of Excellence
AXS Studio Inc. The i-STAT System Award of Excellence
Stephen Boyd and Heidi Sinsel VERASENSE Sensor-Assisted TKA Award of Merit
Cognition Studio, Inc. The Power of Immunosequencing Award of Merit
vimeo: Medical-Legal  
Artery Studio Inc. Jaw Dysfunction - James Johnson Award of Merit
MediVisuals Inc. Constrained Liner Hip Prosthesis: Device Failure Award of Merit
Interactive Media: Didactic/Instructional – Commercial  
Radius Digital Science NEXAVAR® Interactive Case Profile App Award of Merit
AXS Studio Inc. Psoriatic Arthritis Simulator Award of Merit
Interactive Media: Didactic/Instructional – Non-Commercial
Yana Hammond BCG Treatment for Bladder Cancer App Award of Excellence
iSO-FORM, LLC Diabetic Macular Edema: Treatment Overview CME Activity Award of Merit
Kimberly M. Knoper, Alison E. Burke, Daniel Muller, Lori Messenger, and Scott Williams Ebola Virus Disease — Current Knowledge Award of Merit
Interactive Media: Advertising and Marketing/Promotional
AXS Studio Inc. calendAR Award of Excellence
Interactive Media: Interactive Textbook
Digizyme Inc. E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth Award of Excellence
Tasha Obrin From Glucose to ATP: With and Without Oxygen Award of Excellence
Ellen Davis Understanding Heartworm Disease & Treatment: A Veterinary Guide Award of Merit
Simulators, Prosthetics and Sculptural Products 
Heidi Schlehlein Gout Model Award of Merit



Student Best of Show
Wai-Man Chan The Trapping Mechanism of the Common Bladderwort Orville Parkes Best of Show
Andrew Tubelli A Molecular Journey through Space and Time New Media Best of Show
Didactic/Instructional – Anatomical/Pathological  
Emily Ling Bronchial Tree: Primary to Secondary Branches Award of Excellence
Kateryna Procunier Glaucoma Award of Excellence
Qingyang Chen Retinitis Pigmentosa Award of Merit
Ashley Hui The Pathology of Diphtheria Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional – Surgical/Clinical Procedures  
I-Hsun Wu Pterional Craniotomy for Clinoidal Meningioma Award of Excellence
Chi-Chun Liu and Qingyang Chen Medical Legal Elbow Personal Injury Board - The Case of Jessie Jack Award of Merit
Rose Perry Lateral Rectus Recession without adjustable sutures Award of Merit
Mesa Schumacher Aortic Valve Replacement Award of Merit
Didactic/Instructional – Molecular/Biological/Life Sciences  
Wai-Man Chan The Trapping Mechanism of the Common Bladderwort Award of Excellence
Naveen Devasagayam Visualizing a Crowded Human Cell Award of Merit
Diana Grossi Beak Adaptations: A Comparison of Four Diverse Species Award of Merit
Madeline Newcomb PCR and Gel Electrophoresis - Protocol Poster Award of Merit
Jacqueline Kustan VATS Right Lower Lobectomy Award of Excellence
Wai-Man Chan Wounds of War Award of Merit
Caitlin Mock Can Crows Outsmart You? Award of Merit
Kelly Speck SPIN TO RECOVERY: 3D-Printed Spider Silk in Nerve Regeneration Award of Merit
Advertising and Marketing/Promotional  
Josh Klein Glaucoma Award of Merit
Andrew Tubelli A Molecular Journey through Space and Time Award of Excellence
Jeff Day The Frog in Your Back Award of Merit
Jerry Won Introduction to T cells Award of Merit
Lauren Halligan Clinical Anatomy of the Brainstem Award of Excellence
Megan Llewellyn How Vaccines Work! A Comic Award of Excellence