Some undergraduate institutions offer minors or majors in “pre-medical”, “biological” or “scientific” illustration that may help students develop introductory skills and knowledge and potentially to prepare for medical illustration graduate programs. Please note: these programs are not required for, nor do they guarantee admission to, graduate programs. Undergraduate majors and minors are not subject to detailed standards and outcome measures related to medical illustration.

Science preparation is equally important as drawing ability for a successful career in medical illustration. If considering an art school for an undergraduate degree, be sure the biological science courses are of pre-med caliber. Please note: this list does not constitute an endorsement of specific undergraduate institutions by the AMI. The AMI only partners with CAAHEP to accredit graduate programs in medical illustration. If students are interested in graduate study, they should contact graduate programs of interest for recommendations regarding undergraduate institutions and programs.

Programs may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to the list.

Bachelor's Degree Majors in Pre-Medical, Biological or Scientific Illustration

Arcadia University

BA Scientific Illustration

Buena Vista University

BA Scientific Illustration / Pre-Medical Illustration

Cleveland Institute of Art

BFA Life Sciences Illustration

Ferris State University / Kendall College of Art & Design

BFA  Pre-Medical Illustration

Iowa State University

BA Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

BA Illustration Nonfiction

Northern Illinois University

BFA Illustration, concentration in Scientific Illustration

Oglethorpe University

BA Studio Art — Medical and Scientific Illustration Track

Rochester Institute of Technology

BFA Medical Illustration

Rowan University / Dept Radio, TV & Film

BFA Biomedical Art and Visualization

University of Florida, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

BA or BS - Biological Illustration

University of Georgia / Lamar Dodd School of Art

BFA Studio Art with a Scientific Illustration

University of Zurich

BA Design, Scientific Visualization

Virginia Commonwealth University

BFA Communication Arts, concentration in Scientific Illustration

Bachelor's Degree Minors

Louisiana Tech University / VISTA (Visual Integration of Science Through Art) Center

BS or BA, Pre-medical Illustration

Olivet College

BA Biological Illustration concentration

Savannah College of Art and Design

BA Scientific Illustration minor

University of Illinois at Chicago

BS Life Science Visualization minor

University of Southern California, School Cinematic Arts

BA Science Visualization minor

University of Toronto Mississauga

BS Biomedical Communications minor (biology department)

Virginia Commonwealth University

BS Scientific Illustration minor (for biology majors - pre-medical)

Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

California State University Monterey Bay

Graduate Certificate in Science Illustration (1 year)

California State University Long Beach

Biomedical Illustration Prep Certificate (30 units taken during 4-year BA or BS degree)

Minnesota State University / Moorhead

Certificate Scientific Illustration

Rhode Island School of Design / Continuing Education

Certificate Natural Science Illustration (3 year)

University of Washington / Continuing Education

Certificate Natural Science Illustration (8 months)

University of British Columbia / Extended Learning

Certificate in Biomedical Visualization and Communication (1 year online)