Approved Continuing Education Units

A list of approved activities can be found by logging into your AMI member account and selecting Submit Verification Form from the menu on the left side of the page. All approved activities and courses will be displayed on this list.

Recommended online CEU opportunities is recommended for biomedical CEUs.

Yale Online Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses are recommended for biomedical CEUs.

Harvard Medical School online courses are recommended for biomedical CEUs.

WebSurg online CME courses are recommended for CEUs. Please be aware there are other offerings on this web site, but only the ones listed under the "accredited educational sessions" section that are on this page have been approved. is a source of art classes which many people have taken and given good reviews.

Since these classes change all the time, you will still need to fill out a New Continuing Education Activity Form to get final approval. After attending any approved continuing education activity you must submit a Verification Form within 30 days to obtain CEUs!

There are many online classes available in biomedical sciences, art or business that have not been submitted for approval. If you see something that teaches you what you need, feel free to submit a new continuing education activity form and the committee will review it.