Lifelong Learning with Continuing Education

The AMI encourages lifelong learning to ensure professional knowledge and practice for medical illustrators and animators throughout their career. Board Certified Medical Illustrators (CMI) maintain their status by attending approved continuing education courses within a five year period.

See a list of recommended CE courses.

The AMI uses a fully automated system for the submission of requests for Continuing Education (CE) activity approvals and CE credits. You can access all items related to CE and approval of CE activities by clicking here and logging in with your AMI account credentials. 

Requesting CE Activity Approval

To seek approval for educational activities such as workshops, courses, or programs not previously approved, click here and fill out the form. This will generate a request to the CE committee for review and approval. If the activity is approved you will receive an email notification and the activity will appear on the "Upcoming Courses" list on the CE tracking platform.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid disappointment and expense, the activity approval form should be submitted prior to participating in the continuing education activity. If this form is submitted later than 30 days after the activity is completed, CE credit will not be awarded.

Adding CE Credit To Your Account

To add new CE credits to your account, log in to your account at the link above and navigate to the "Certified Medical Illustrator Renewal" option and then click on "Continuing Education". Choose the category of credit you would like to add credit for. Then, from the "Education Opportunities" area you can submit hours for the courses listed. 

PLEASE NOTE: This verification form MUST be submitted within 30 days of completing your activity, or no CE credit will be awarded. The activity is automatically removed from the approved list 30 days after the end date of the activity.

You can view your CE credit record by logging in to your account and clicking on "Certified Medical Illustrator Renewal". For a full FAQ on how to utilize the CE tracking system - click here.

Requirements for maintaining CMI status

Over the 5-year certification period, a total of 35 hours of continuing education (CE) is required to maintain and renew Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI) Status.

The CMI exam, in its entirety, must be taken again to regain CMI status if the appropriate number of CEUs is not earned during the 5-year term of certification.

What are the categories and hour requirements for CE courses/workshops?

A total of 35 CE credit hours is required at the end of the 5-year certification period to retain CMI status.

Required categories:
Art: 14 hours minimum required (21 hours maximum)
Biomedical: 14 hours minimum required (21 hours maximum)

Optional categories:
Business: 7 hours is the maximum allowed Business & History combined (both are optional)
History:  7 hours is the maximum allowed for Business & History combined (both are optional)


How is CMI status maintained?

  1. Begin acquiring the required 35 CE credit hours by finding structured learning events at the AMI meeting, member webinars, or elsewhere: colleges, libraries, museums, hospitals, professional societies, conferences, online learning platforms, etc. Click here or browse the “Upcoming Courses” list on the CE tracking platform to find more suggestions on finding eligible activities.

    Items listed in “Upcoming Courses” as well as designated presentations and workshops given at the AMI and GNSI meetings are pre-approved for credit. Courses or workshops taken elsewhere must be reviewed and approved by the CE committee before credit can be issued. For a full FAQ on how to utilize the CE tracking system click here.

  2. If the learning event has not been pre-approved for credit, submit it for review here: CMI CE Eligibility Form. Approval is granted by the CE committee, not AMI HQ. Forms are automatically sent to the CE committee for review. You should receive emailed approval or non-approval within 2 weeks of submission.

    You are highly encouraged to submit an Eligibility Form before attending or paying for a learning event. That way you will know beforehand if the activity is eligible for CE credit. However, you may submit an Eligibility Form up to 30 days after completing an activity. If an activity is submitted after 30 days, NO CE CREDIT can be issued.

  3. Complete the learning activity.

  4. After the activity is completed, you must add the credit to your account within 30 days. You can access all items related to CE and approval of CE activities by logging in here . If you fail to record the activity to your CMI account within 30 days, unfortunately the credit is forfeited.

  5. When the 5-year Certification period ends, you must renew your certification (demonstrating required CEs) to avoid retaking the CMI exam.

    Renewal of certification requires completion of a renewal application form, payment of a fee, and verification by AMI HQ that your required CE credits have been earned and properly recorded during the 5-year certification term. The CMI exam, in its entirety, must be taken again to regain CMI status if the appropriate number of CEUs is not earned during your 5-year term of certification.

    1. Check your CE credit status here and ensure you have sufficient CE credit to renew your certification.

    2. Complete the renewal process and submit the fee. AMI Headquarters will check your online database record to confirm sufficient CE hours have been earned in order to renew.

  6. Start collecting another 35 hours!

What is the difference between the Continuing Education Committee and the Board of Certification?

The AMI Continuing Education Committee is charged with evaluating courses, workshops etc. given within the AMI meeting and elsewhere, and determine their relevance to the practice of medical illustration. Does that course have meaning and substance for a medical illustrator? Does the course satisfy the IACET criteria and guidelines for awarding CE credits? They recommend to the Board of Certification the required number of CE credit hours and course categories. The CE Committee deals with that five-year period between the time certification begins and the time to renew.

The Board of Certification manages the beginning and end of the certification process by administering the written test and portfolio review that get you certified, and by keeping track of the term expiration dates of certified AMI members. The Board of Certification is not an AMI committee, but an administratively and financially independent entity answering to the AMI Board of Governors on an information basis. The Board of Certification of Medical Illustrators is a member of the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA), which develops standards and accredits organizations that meet those standards. In turn, NOCA is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the only national accreditation body for private certification organizations in all disciplines. NOCA's members come from nearly all health professions that need to establish and maintain competency standards.

AMI Continuing Education Committee

Kaitlin Lindsay, CE Committee Chair
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Courtney White, CE Committee Vice Chair
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