Illustrations used to promote a drug, medical device, or medical service in a printed advertising campaign and related marketing collateral materials.
Average and highest price per illustration reflect variables of the art complexity, as well as variables of usage rights licensed according to geographic distribution (e.g. national, global, etc.), exclusive or nonexclusive, and the duration of time for which these rights are granted.
Print, To the Trade Average (per illustration) Highest (per illustration)
Magazine ads 6,640 20,000
Sales training materials 2,900 10,000
Package inserts / Directions for use 2,000 4,800
Direct mail 2,980 9,000
Posters 9,300 40,000
Trade show exhibits 7,800 24,000
CME presentations 3,760 18,000
Patient education 1,900 8,000
Website 2,110 3,500
Print, Direct to Consumer Average (per illustration) Highest (per illustration)
Magazine ads 5,000 25,000
Billboard 6,500 11,000
Website 1,980 3,500
*Prices are based on 2006 historical survey data and do not represent specific prices for particular jobs or specific illustrators.