Get Involved! — Volunteers are the lifeblood of the AMI

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One of the best ways for members to network and grow professionally is to serve on a committee. Each of us can make a difference, and working together we ensure that our profession is strong, relevant, and full of opportunities. AMI is a volunteer-driven assocation. Your service helps shape and implement our strategic plan.

AMI welcomes you to volunteer with us. The AMI's commmittees are list listed below. Once you select a committee of interest and submit your interest form, it will be reviewed by volunteer leadership and you will be notified of the outcome within a few weeks.

 Volunteering with the AMI provides many benefits, including:

  • Contributing to the overall mission of AMI
  • Meeting and engaging with other professionals within the field
  • Gaining valuable experience to help advance your career
  • Preparing yourself for potential board service through committee leadership
  • Receive points toward future Fellow recognition for generous volunteer service


You are welcome to volunteer for any committee of your choosing, however, you can find a list of committees actively recruiting volunteers on the HUB Volunteer Leadership page.

Annual Meeting Committee

2024: Craig Foster, Glen Hintz, Jim Perkins

This committee plans and organizes the Annual Conference.

ARC-MI Committee

Shelley Wall

The Accreditation Review Committee for the Medical Illustrator (ARC-MI) is a Standing Committee of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), which serves as a sponsor of ARC-MI to the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) System. ARC-MI functions as Committee on Accreditation (CoA) within the CAAHEP system and adheres to the CAAHEP policies and procedures. Within the CAAHEP system, the ARC-MI is vested with the responsibility and authority to evaluate graduate programs in medical illustration that have requested accreditation and to make recommendations to the CAAHEP Board of Directors, which is the final decision making authority for accreditation status.

Artists Rights Committee

Mica Duran and Devon Stuart

The Artists Rights Committee serves as a conduit for advocacy for the intellectual rights and professional rights of medical artists. The committee is responsible for direct advocacy on behalf of and in conjunction with the membership. It works closely with the American Society of Illustrators' Partnership (ASIP) and with our legislative counsel, Bruce Lehman. It is also responsible for facilitating education and discussion of relevant issues within the association.

Awards Committee

Eva Mae Baucom and Gyyoung Oh

The Awards Committee oversees the various awards that the AMI gives out annually at the AMI Annual Meeting, including the Lifetime Achievement Award, Brodel Award, and Salon Awards. The committee consists of at least two current members who oversee the award selection committees, manage the annual selection timeline, coordinate award ceremony planning, moderate the onsite awards ceremony, and assist in distributing the Salon ribbons at the annual meeting. 

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is an umbrella committee comprised of Newsletter, Web, and PR, along with communications liaisons from each AMI committee. 


Anthony Baker, Meredith Hoffman, and Daniel Muller

The Newsletter Committee oversees content and publication of the AMI News, the Association's official electronic newsletter. The Chair(s) handles editorial duties and assigned columnists provide content regularly while authors from the general membership may contribute articles.


Autumn Kulaga

The Web Committee identifies, advises, and advocates for web needs and services for, the online member community, and meeting websites. The committee considers and recommends web-related policies and procedures and takes a proactive role in promoting the integration of web and new media in an effort to support the professional and administrative needs of the AMI.

Social Media & Outreach

Jacqueline Mason

The Social Media and Outreach committee plays a crucial role in promoting the mission and activities of the AMI. The committee coordinates the AMI's social media and outreach efforts consistent wit hthe goals set in the AMI's strategic plan. 

Continuing Professional Education Committee

Kaitlin Lindsay and Courtney Arden White

The Continuing Professional Education committee supports the Certified Medical Illustrator program. It is charged primarily with evaluating the AMI's annual meeting content and other educational offerings for Continuing Education Hours for CMIs according to the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training, as well as working with planners to help their events meet the standard.

Council on Graduate Education Committee

Jodie Jenkinson

The Council on Graduate Education is composed of the directors of the graduate programs in biomedical visualization and medical illustration that are recognized as having met the Standards and Guidelines for Accreditation. In addition, one or two student and recent graduate representatives serve as non-voting members.

Diversity Committee

Sarah Gluschitz and Delilah Przybyla

The Diversity Committee works on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts within the association. The Committee advises all other AMI Committees to proactively recruit members and chairs utilizing a DEI lens (considering race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies). The Committee interfaces directly with the Membership Committee, Mentorship Committee, Nominating Committee and Meeting Planning Committee to provide recommendations on implementing diversity concepts within their Committees. Serves as a safe space to address concerns from members who feel disadvantaged or have experienced bias within the Association based on their social identities and/or educational and career background. The Committee develops resources, creates initiatives and implements strategies to advance the AMI to becoming an anti-racist multicultural organization.

Ethics Committee

Evan Oto

The Ethics Committee is a subcommittee of the Membership Committee that is charged with the interpretation of the AMI Code of Ethics. Violations of ethical principles as stated in the code or any acts of dishonesty are reported to the Ethics Chair. The committee, after thorough investigation and deliberation, reports its findings and recommendations to the Board of Governors.

Exhibits Committee

Valerie Altounian, Amanda Frataccia, and Lori Messenger

The Exhibits Committee serves as an umbrella committee for the Salon Display Task Force (Traditional and Digital), Salon Judging Task Force and the Awards Committee (salon aspect only). This committee is comprised of the chairs of the Traditional Salon Display Task Force, Digital Salon Display Task Force, Judging Task Force and Awards Committee.

The Salon Display Task Force is responsible for the receiving, processing, hanging and tearing down of the salon. It is a huge undertaking and the details of it change yearly with the AMI meeting venue. This is a great opportunity for students and new members to get involved and also a nice way to meet a large portion of the membership. Generally the Task Force chairs are decided soon after the annual meeting for the next year's meeting.

The Judging Task Force for the annual meeting salon is always looking for professional members to volunteer to review and judge the traditional and digital salon. The responsibilities include arriving at the meeting site on Wednesday prior to the meeting’s official start. Judging teams meet and review the traditional artworks onsite to reach consensus on award winners. The digital salon is now judged remotely prior to the meeting and the teams meet via conference call.

Fellow Committee

Carolyn Holmes

The Fellow Committee oversees the AMI Fellow Program, which includes determining eligible activities and their corresponding points, ensuring accuracy in Fellow point tracking, and recognizing AMI Fellows annually.

Finance Committee

Marcelo Oliver

Being the financial arm of the Association of Medical Illustrators, the Finance Committee works with all of the other committees to develop a budget for the coming fiscal year. The committee advises the Board of Governors on financial matters and strives to create a fiduciary plan that will meet Association goals and member expectations. The committee also maintains a strong business model through short and long-term investments that are activity managed based on sound investment strategies and advice. It may seek professional counsel on matters of investments, audits etc.

Journal Editorial Board

Kelly Cloninger and Sam Bond

The Journal Editorial Board is headed by the Editor, one of the three Associate Editors of the Journal of Biocommunications (JBC). This committee is responsible for the solicitation, review, and processing of manuscripts and artwork for the publication.

We welcome members willing to be peer reviewers for submitted articles. JBC is always accepting manuscripts for consideration at

Medical Illustration Source Book Editorial Board

Rachel Bajema

This committee oversees the production, distribution and marketing of the Medical Illustration Source Book which is published by the AMI in partnership with Serbin Communications.

Membership Committee

Emily Hromi

The Membership Committee is a standing committee of the AMI whose purpose is to process membership applications and guide new members through the process. The Committee continually evaluates our current services and benefits to ensure our members' needs are met. It develops member incentives and creates new benefits that help retain members and add value to their professional careers.

Mentorship Committee

Jennifer Fairman and Michael Boasso

The Mentorship Committee provides new Professional AMI members with a year long, personal one-on-one relationship with a leader in the association to support new member education and participation in association activities.

Nominating Committee

Tim Phelps

The Nominating Committee is made up of past presidents, past board chairs and the current President, President-Elect and Board Chair. The annual pool of eligible candidates is developed by individuals who would like to self nominate and/or is developed by members of the committee reviewing past performance of professional members in volunteer service to the association. The qualifications of each potential candidate are reviewed including: accumulated fellow points through participation and volunteerism to the association and profession, committee service in the capacity of chair and/or member and the enthusiasm expressed for leadership service to the association.

Online Learning Committee

Michael Corrin

The Online Learning Committee works to develop, disseminate and archive online educational media for AMI members. Its work helps members enrich their knowledge and practice with relevant educational materials while providing opportunities to earn Continuing Education Units.

Professional Guidelines Committee

Tonya Hines and Allie Buck

The Professional Guidelines Committee educates AMI members, clients, and the general public on issues related to business practices and employment of medical illustrators. The committee gathers both statistical and empirical data through surveys, interviews, and peer reviews. The committee conducts a Compensation & Pricing Survey every 4 years. We write and update the Medical Illustration Business Practices booklet, Metadata Whitepaper, and the Client Guide to Working with a Medical Illustrator. Additionally, our members serve as liaisons and collaborators with other industry organizations including the International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers (STM), American Society of Illustrators' Partnership (ASIP), American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) and others.

Scholarship Committee

Alison Burke and Natalie Koscal
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The scholarship committee reviews and ranks applications from eligible graduate students for Vesalius Trust Grants and for the annual Inez Demonet Award. Applications include a research project, transcripts, portfolios, and personal references. The process begins in November and ends in January for the Vesalius Trust awards, and begins in January and ends in March for the Inez Demonet award.

Undergraduate Education Committee

Kim Moss

The Undergraduate Education Committee serves as a source of information sharing and support for undergraduate educators and administrators in the field.


Jennifer Duckworth
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Sponsorships of the AMI primarily center on benefits surrounding the Annual Conference, however other opportunities for exposure are available year-round.  Although the formal committee was sunset in 2015, we are always open to hearing from members with connections to companies or groups you feel would be a valuable partner with the AMI and who you feel would benefit from being associated with our members.  Feel free to contact AMI to facilitate an introduction or connection to a potential future AMI sponsor!