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Online Salon

View the very best in medical animation, interactive media, and illustration from the AMI 2018 Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting

Registration is open for the AMI 2018 Conference, July 18-21. Save money, the early bird deadline is May 29.
Vesalius Art & Anatomy Tours

Vesalius Tours

A look back at travel throughout Europe on Vesalius Art & Anatomy Tours over the last decade.
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A Viral Story

Jill Gregory tells how her illustration got swept up in the media buzz over a ‘new organ' — the interstitium.
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Origin Story: Neil Hardy

Neil was a pioneer in illustrating microscopic landscapes and the molecular structure of DNA.

How many AMI members are lefties? Celebrating #LeftHandersDay with science!

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The remarkable Orra White Hitchcock's scientific illustrations "prove not only the breadth of her scientific knowle…

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Just goes to show you the importance of keeping a #sketchbook! Leonardo da Vinci displays bicep movement and visual…

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Journal of Biocommunication


New issue of the JBC 42-1, 2018 has two feature articles: Illuminating Roman Vishniac: A Career in Biological Photography & Cinematography by Howard Radzyner & Norm Barker. Neoplatonic Symbolism by Michelangelo in Sistine Chapel's Separation of Light from Darkness by Ian Suk & Rafael Tamargo. In addition there are 12 Vesalius Trust research posters, two retrospective articles, a Showcase tribute to Neil Hardy, and a Gallery of AMI2017 Salon winners. All articles are free to read!

Call for papers — submit today
JBC issue 42:1, 2018

Sourcebook & Online Marketing


Complete marketing for biomedical, life science and natural science artists

The Medical Illustration & Animation marketing program maximizes your reach to creative buyers. Published by the AMI and Serbin Communications, this annual publication and companion website are where you should be if you are looking for work in the science and healthcare market. Reserve your space in the 2018 program today! Call 800-876-6425 or

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Sourcebook 2017

Board Certification

Physicians, lawyers, and plumbers are board certified, what about you?

Certification is endorsed by the AMI to encourage lifelong learning and to measure professional competency for illustrators and employers. Similar to specialty certification for physicans, the competency evaluation consists of a written test and portfolio review.

Certification matters!

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CMI Aoki

"With board certification, I'm able to leverage the trust of new animation clients. Reciprocally, those clients feel confident in promoting me as part of their roster when pitching to their clients or investors."
Shizuka Aoki, CMI—


"I work with highly trained science educators from many backgrounds. Board certification demonstrates that I have the contemporary skills and knowledge to develop informed illustrations and animations as part of the team."
Fabian de Kok-Mercado, CMI—