Pulmonary Artery Reconstruction

efe_l_16A-1Title of entry: Pulmonary Artery Reconstruction

Entrant’s name: Levent Efe

Membership Type: Professional

Other contributors:

Address: Brunswick

Client: Dr Johann Brink

Medium / software used: A. Photoshop

Final presentation format: JOurnal article

Primary audience: Cardiac surgeons

Intended purpose: This three image sequence visually narrates a complex heart operation for

cardiac surgeons.

The series depicts a failed Fontan heart, how the discontinued pulmonary arteries are reconstructed

with donor thoracic aorta, and completion of the transplantation and reconstructed pulmonary


A unique camera angle was chosen to emphasise the pulmonary artery defect following

cardiectomy, and how a section of donor aorta is brought in to close that defect.