Face Transplant

cheney_dj_16A-1Title of entry: Face Transplant

Entrant’s name: David J Cheney

Membership Type: Professional

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Address: Rochester, MN

Client: The Essam and Dalal Obaid Center for Reconstructive Transplant

Surgery at Mayo Clinic

Medium / software used: Photoshop

Final presentation format: Surgical manual

Primary audience: Transplant Surgical Team

Intended purpose: As Mayo Clinic prepares to perform its first full face transplant, the

dedicated surgical transplant team has been busy performing simulation after simulation in the

anatomy lab to perfect each step of the transplant procedure. Each member of the surgical team

has become an expert in the performing the entire transplant so that that they can “tag-team” during

the actual surgery. In an effort to aid surgeons as they perform this complicated procedure, a series

of anatomical and surgical illustrations was created depicting each step of the transplant procedure.

Based on patient photos, CT and MRI images, as well as multiple trips to the anatomy lab to observe

simulations on unembalmed cadavers, these images will serve as a visual “road map” for the

procedure. Though the actual patient’s face is not depicted in these illustrations, it is crucial that the

patient’s specific anatomy is. These illustrations represent only a very small portion of the entire

series which will be blown up and posted on the walls of the OR to guide surgeons through each

step of the procedure.