Ebola: Proper Handling of the Deceased

eckert_am_16A-1_3Title of entry: Ebola: Proper Handling of the Deceased

Entrant’s name: Alissa Eckert

Membership Type: Company/Corporation

Other contributors: Robert Hobbs

Company / Institution: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Address: Atlanta, GA

Client: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Medium / software used: Pen & Ink, Adobe Photoshop CC

Final presentation format: Print

Primary audience: Low-literacy audiences in West Africa

Intended purpose: One of the major causes of the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa was

the customary burial practices of the affected population. These practices exposed family members

to high levels of infectious body fluids from the deceased. The proper handling of the body,

including its burial, had to be carried out by specially trained health care workers in protective gear.

These procedures had to be handled delicately yet quickly to prevent further spread of the disease.

These illustrations are part of a multi-page, printed flipbook used by West African community health

educators as visual aids and conversation prompts. These images, presented as key scenes from a

story, are intended to educate primarily low-literacy audiences on proper deceased handling and

burial procedures to protect themselves and their villages from acquiring the virus. The color palette

and line style were chosen to reflect the traditions and street artwork of the target audience. Details

were kept to a minimum, simplifying the figures and actions to communicate crucial preventive

information clearly.