Confocal Microscopy Tear Out Poster

Duran_mb_16A-1_1Title of entry: Confocal Microscopy Tear Out Poster

Entrant’s name: Mica Duran

Membership Type: Professional

Other contributors:

Address: Tucker (Atlanta) , GA

Client: AAAS journal Science

Medium / software used: Illustrator, Photoshop

Final presentation format: Poster

Primary audience: Scientists

Intended purpose: The journal requested a non-branded tear out poster for a commercial

sponsor. The objective was a reference for novice microscope users — which could be hung on the

wall near the microscope.

The poster needed to be visually interesting enough to engage the viewer, present the method-ofaction

of the microscope in a simplistic manner for students, and yet still present to sophisticated

users copious amounts of text regarding history, current applications and comparative


Use of sponsor’s image database and a dark background were requested. The design and

illustration required direct collaboration with the scientists and science writers to steer the direction

of the poster. Hand-drawn art was combined with client-supplied images for the central illustration.

Charts were implemented to summarize data, and links for additional online literature were